New Stuff!….

Grabbed a Denon AVR-1912 today, the first one sold in the Australia! Do I smell the very first TLOCS exclusive?

The speakers I am using with it are the Energy TAKE Classic’s which I have had for a few years now. They are still sounding great so no real need for me to upgrade them yet.

I have hooked it all up and I must say I am very impressed with it so far.

The new menu system and setup wizard is great and makes configuring everything a breeze. It is much improved over my old AVR-1908.

The 6 HDMI inputs it now sports are great, a big step up from my old amp with its 2. I have hooked everything up and i still have 2 left over.

The gear I’m using-

  • PS3
  • XBOX360
  • Bluray Player
  • Apple TV

The internet radio is great as well, I have set up an account at but there are so many stations to go through, it will take me a while to pick some good ones.

Airplay is built in and works like a charm, although I already had it on the Apple TV, but still, it’s great to have.

Still messing around with it, but all in all I’m really happy with my purchase, this is going to be a killer product.

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